…thoughts and ruminations…

I don’t particularly mind waste, but I think it’s a pity not to know what one is wasting. Some old ladies use pound notes as bookmarks: this is only silly if it is absentminded.

I have been doing a lot of thinking and meditating. Employing my mental exertions in some shadow working, attempting to pinpoint aspects of myself that need to change, things that need to be uprooted and replaced. I have begun intense exploration in this area of my inner psyche that oftentimes spills into my everyday living. It is surprising and at the same time not so surprising how things blend and bleed into one another. Baggages one carries under the guise of being hidden out of reach and when one sits down, behind closed doors, in the intimacy of meditation, it is clear that these baggages are never truly hidden. They are actually displaying themselves in our daily interactions with the world, to the betterment or detriment of our self.

As I continue this much needed exploration and cleansing, just wanted to share a simple spread I did. A daily do, don’t do spread.

What did I get out of it? Be weary and cautious of indecision, remember that the answers lie within , do not rely on external dogmas and status quos.

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