Cards: 2 of Swords


A meeting of opposition, expansion from the one to the two. Alone it could indicate a truce, a coming together of binaries. It could also indicate a meeting of opposing ideas, a decision. This calls to mind the traditional Waite-Smith image of the two of swords, the blindfolded woman holding two swords in opposition, sitting outside with a waxing moon behind her. It is the deciding moment where two ideas come to head and one must win out the other.

With La Force it is decidedly a battle of two, a duel of wits and strength. Furthermore, it is a duel that fosters change and empowerment. When the one is equipped with the power and drive of the sword, a meeting of an other in a duel will generate a testing of strength and capacity. Resistance and overcoming resistance.


On another noted, this could also be read as subjugation, the overpowering presence of the woman in la force becomes the two swords surrounding the flower, which is a transformation of the lion. This is an indication of asphyxia, of being surrounded and cornered.


2 thoughts on “Cards: 2 of Swords

    1. Thank you, I have been playing around with ways to read the cards and different meanings. A lot of fun. I finished reading the art of reading and that book sparked my perspective in big ways.

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