Cards: 4 of swords


Respite. Rest. Release. The peace of a battle ending in accord.  The stabily of fluidity and thoughts moving in synchronization. After the high energy of the 3, enters the receptive 4. Odds are even and everyone is in synch.


Paired with Lestoille and the concept of release and respite from society is reinforced. And it’s not a negative separation from society, it is at one with nature and with inner thoughts leading to a voluntary and momentary distancing from society. To think, to set plans for the future, to release energy and emotions that are no longer needed.


Flipped the other way, and the release of Lestoille becomes peace of mind, fluidity and clarity thoughts. A pause in action. Reconnecting with the moment, with nature, with the firmament. A very poetic pondering on our place in life, on this planet, the meaning of our existence.

In both orderings, a receptive nature of inaction abounds. The realm of ideas and concepts. The goal isn’t doing but thinking.

Happy reading.

*Deck used: Jean Noblet restored by Jean Claude Flornoy.

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