Cards: 5 of swords


Infection. The balance and stability of four transforms into the confining and destabilizing force of five. In the realm of thoughts this is an opposing idea that causes much grief and indecision. This grievous thought is transfered to the body and breeds chaos. Indecision that leads to bad choices, inhospitable situations and vulnerability. This is an active sword piercing the foundation.


Paired with La Maison Dieu and the effect of this piercing sword is life altering. Destruction, deconstruction, loss of direction, death of ego, death of pride, smited by the gods. The stable tower is the past, the four of swords, the lightning from the sky is the fifth sword. The appearance of this force of nature causes those inside the comfortable tower to be expelled, to be thrown out, discarded. Complete chaos. Possibly death.


Inversed, the cards take on a nuanced quality of forceful change. Yes, destabilization, deconstruction, but with an air of strength. Gaining a new direction. Removed from the tower, you find strength in adversity and press on, ready to forge ahead against the odds. This pairing made me think of this rune:


Happy reading.

Tools used: Jean Noblet TDM restored by Flornoy and wooden Elder Futhark Runes.

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