Cards: 6 of swords


Flow. Two roads converging or crossing each other. Receptivity in dinamism, dynamic receptivity. Proactive. The 6 of swords is a card of acquiescence, thoughts that merge, reason, a unison of ideas or possibly a desicion between two different and complementary ideas.


When paired with La Lune, the sense of opposition and obscurity is felt more strongly. The two sides of the six swords, three and three, can take the form of the two howling dogs, or the two red claws of the crustacean in the water, or the two closed towers. The flower in the middle becomes the face of the moon. This is a dark combination, hinting at hidden mental distress and thoughts, shadowy concepts of ideas and self. There is a nascent dilemma hidden from the conscious, and it causes mental vexation.


When the cards are switched, the same idea of obscurity is transmited but here the nuance lies in the cause and effect. There is an inner dilemma that plays itself out hidden from everyday life, this dilemma creates a sense of confusion and indecision. Action is stifled, muted.

Deck used: Jean Noblet tarot restored by Flornoy.

3 thoughts on “Cards: 6 of swords

    1. I like to keep it random. I started doing these card combos because I really wasn’t consistent with the journal and card meanings. This has helped me explore card meanings in a way that keeps me consistent. For the majors I like to pick at random although I do avoid repeating cards consecutively. I have thought about switching to courts or maybe other pips, after I finish with the suit of swords.


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