Cards: 7 of swords

Jean Noblet TDM

Division and separation. I love odd numbers, especially the number seven, but the 7 of swords reminds me of the challenges caused by divisive thoughts and ideas. From the dynamic flow of the six an odd one enters the panorama and strikes disorder and chaos. This disruption causes a separation in which we see two dividing sides being in strong opposition, three swords facing another set of three swords, with the disruptive fellow in the middle. Sevens in general can be seen as challenges, it is an odd number so it does have the sense of active energy, possibly forceful production as the seventh sword is thrust upwards and pierces the top part of the merging six swords. This can be seen as the challenges that appear after a set idea is followed to completion. As in all things in life, challenges are never far behind, the seven of swords highlights this particular aspect of life. From unity to disruption.

Jean Noblet TDM

Paired with Justice, there is a feeling of sifting, of weighing and discarding the unnecessary so as to avoid mental clutter. The seventh sword becomes the righteous sword of justice that cuts through all excess, baring only the essentials. Weighing all and disposing the superfluous.

We would all do well in doing this every once in a while…

Jean Noblet TDM

Switched around, and the sword of justice can be seen as a disruptive force in the realm of order and unity as it stands in between the six swords. Causing mental anguish and insecurity.

I will be back shortly with the eight’s, and as always, happy reading.

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