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From a book to a BBC show.

From a book by Susanna Clarke, which I have not read nor heard of till now, comes this BBC mini series. It was mentioned somewhere in an article on faeries in tradition and history. It’s on Netflix, and it is great. All about English Magic, not the stuffy convoluted armchair magic. Conjuring spirits in trance, reading the Marseille cards, necromancy, all the aspects of practical magic. Give it a watch and see if this is of interest.

This also reminds me of the cards I have been debating endlessly whether to purchase or not purchase, The English Magic Tarot. Perhaps someday soon…

I just wanted to pop in and share this quickly. Happy reading!

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    • At first it was a bit confusing but yes it gets much better. I love the ideological fight between the two magicians, one that says magic should be reformed and controlled, made new. And the other, the one I am rooting for, wants to explore the old, wild, ancient roots of magic. Very nice dichotomy, and the magical sequences are wonderful. I have two episodes left. I am seriously considering the book, I am sure it’s more insightful. Give it a go!

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