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About Me

I am Natalia, a writer, reader, and divinatrix. Straight from the Caribbean, I am a lover of beaches, dancing, and, on most occasions, perpetual summer. My academic credentials are: an almost complete M.A. in Literary Theory and Criticism, with undergraduate studies in English Literature. But aside from degrees or half degrees, I am, first and foremost, a lover of books and literature. This is what drew me to the visual world of tarot, the semiotic/semantic adventure. I have been reading the cards ever since I held my first pack of cards, the black and white Hermetic Tarot deck many years ago.

Reading the cards, or as I like to call it, cartomancy, offers an exciting adventure as the images and the rhyme allow for the imagination to unfurl. They help refine the art of seeing in awareness, in the moment, the instantaneous revelation. Reading for others offers the same catalyzing experience which discloses possibilities, aiding in creating more optimal stories and ways through issues/queries.

My philosophy

I believe in the power of shifting perspectives through words, helping us clarify the complex world we live in. Words and how we story them anchor us, shapes our identity, and allows us to wade through the murky waters of all realities more effectively. I extend this passion for words and shifting perspectives to the charm of cartomancy. Reading the cards is breathing story and perspective into words and images. It is defining the moment and uncovering the plasticity of meaning. Life is never quite what we imagine, and the cards help illustrate the nuances, the poetry, the word that forges life. The cards also aid us in defining vague concepts, of life, love, money, in the language of images, which in turn brings transparency into our lives, our losses, our fears, our hopes, our loves, our desires, and our preoccupations. With the cards I read and construct a narrative that opens doors, windows, and clears rooms.

Mist & Ether

Mist and Ether Natalia Lee Forty Tarot Divinatrix

My purpose here is simple, to share my love of cards, of fortunetelling, of divination, of books, and my interests, creating an enticing brew. This place is a haven for me to talk about my various tarot, cartomantic, oracular, magic, saintly, esoteric, poetic and literary wanderings. I seek to inspire, to share, and to fan the flame for the search. Herein, many roads converge, words and magic intersect with the art of cartomancy, and the subtler aspects of embodied living.

Where tarot is concerned, I focus mainly on the Tarot de Marseille tradition and its variants, art tarot decks, and playing cards.

Where literature is concerned, poetry is my cup of tea, although I enjoy seasoning my tea with philosophy, anthropology, and folklore. Quite a heady mix…

As for magic, well, that road is being paved… All other mysterious incantations and symbols, from whichever tradition, I mention here are open to interpretation.


I have a monthly newsletter, Endnotes From the Diviner’s Table, where I close the month punctuating on what I write about here on my website, offer card readings for the poetically inclined, and generally share thoughts and ideas around what I’m currently reading and doing. Click on the link above to join.


To harden the earth
is a stone’s occupation–
till stone became
and flew. –Pablo Neruda

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