A litany of sorrows and a song of hope

I am heartbroken about so many things both little and big, close and far. That we, as in my son, partner, and I are isolated from contact, physical, from those in our families. That fear and anxiety is the medium of the message everywhere I look. That my son was not able to enjoy the … Continue reading A litany of sorrows and a song of hope

Saint Justina: a candle in the dark

Some days ago, I was catching up with friends in these isolated times, and reading on how others are managing in their homes with reduced physical contact with others. I thought back to different times, places, and hardships. How others have navigated trying times. I thought of the Saints and of persons in history that … Continue reading Saint Justina: a candle in the dark

The Suits In Their Element

When I see the pips, the elements do not come first, instead, as I mentioned in the opening of this series, their phenomenological virtues (qualities) comes first. By this I mean their tangible physical life applications and the processes arising out of their applications and uses, and what is mirrored in the cards at play. … Continue reading The Suits In Their Element

Of shadows and corners

It's day number I'm not sure when everything closed down, I've always worked from home but now it's with my partner and child present, which makes for interesting work times. While home, and separated from regular weekend adventures with others and at the beach, we've been taking mostly daily walks around our neighborhood. Which has … Continue reading Of shadows and corners

Almost hanging by a thread

I stood before my kitchen table, shuffled the cards with April in mind, and laid them down. I confess, looking back now at March's augury it was propitious that the cards called for temperance and a re-positioning of our chessboard, as all this pandemic and quarantine business loomed on the horizon. And now poised for … Continue reading Almost hanging by a thread

The Friar’s Delight Lenormand: a review

The Friar's Delight Lenormand is a little unpretentious gem of a deck. Firstly, I'm not big on Lenormand decks, I used to have a couple some years ago, and I dabbled with reading them but it never stuck so they quickly moved on to more motivated hands. After these failed experiences I spent a couple … Continue reading The Friar’s Delight Lenormand: a review