La Maga Tarot

First, here is a brief story on La Maga… a few years ago, while in the throes of college I took a class on South American literature. I read the canon, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Juan Rulfo, Quiroga, Casares, Borges, among many other greats. Following my romantic heart down the rabbit hole I stumbled upon Julio Cortázar, a 20th century Argentinean writer. I picked up Rayuela, or Hopscoth (the English translation). I cracked open the book’s pages and dived right in. A world of jazz, art, cigarettes, alcohol, love and loss, yerba mate, words, winding paths, and magic, opened before my eyes. I devoured Cortázar’s words like longed-for wine. I listened to his wordplay, his deconstruction of the narrator’s voice, his poetry enveloped me. Throughout the narrator’s vacillations, La Maga is his longing, his present and absent love. She is the shadow that lurks behind every letter, the echo that is heard in all the dark and quiet streets. I have disentangled La Maga from Rayuela and brought her here to the present, I made her corporeal. This is La Maga’s shop, where words and poetry float endlessly around and where stories are exchanged. I invite you to enter, to explore, and to engage.

Conjuring clarity with a pack of cards.

If you would like a reading from me, at the moment in full color PDF format, here are the details:

What I offer?

I offer a service intertwined with perspicacity and insight along with a good serving of poetry and words. My readings are always honest and from the heart. My intention is to impart meaning and depth with my card readings.

What you get?

An astute and truthful reading of the cards. My particular knowledge of both cartomancy and tarot, coupled with my experience with words and poetry, tarot is poetry. With these reading options, I aim to provide truthful ways for you to see and visualize the possibilities, for you to gain insight and power through knowledge and awareness. I aim to paint a visual world in which you can detach yourself from the question and captain your ship effectively through your options. I like a good exchange between the querent and I, feedback is always welcome.

––>Send me an email at lamagatarot(at)gmail(dot)com with your query, email address, and any other details you feel I should know.<––

Readings (the basics):

  1. A handful of cards, 3-5 $15
  2. More than a handful 5-13 $22

Payment is through Paypal, at the same email address as above, or just choose one of the two options below and click the Paypal Pay Now button.

Tarot Readings
A handful of cards $15.00 USD
More than a handful $22.00 USD


I used to offer this service of tarot readings through Etsy, but found that running a shop is too much upkeep, necessitating time for social media promotion and full on social media engagement. I do not have the time to commit myself to actively creating a diversity of listings, with diverse spreads, while also promoting my work. All this is partly because I do not use spreads with positional meanings, so shoehorning my reading style to different spreads and themes in order to better promote my shop is just not part of my approach.


The Spanish Tarot Fournier Marseille Tarot
The Spanish Tarot published by Heraclio Fournier, Spain.