The fountain of joy

After a couple months of settling in, getting into the rhythm of life in my new home, I find myself in a place of constant rediscovery. Seeing what I once disliked in a new light, and with new eyes. As I go about my daily life of re-learning and attending to what is present with … Continue reading The fountain of joy

Augury- squaring the week

I am back after a much needed hiatus, and many things have changed. Firstly, I moved back home, closer to family, and roots. Meanwhile, living in a space that isn't entirely mine while we look for a permanent home. Many, many things have changed indeed. I want to make my way back into writing, sharing, … Continue reading Augury- squaring the week

Vapours of the mind

The realm of dreams and mists unleash their airy fumes, our minds uncorked and pouring outward the waters of destruction. These waters blow in a torrential downpour of cosmic strength, tearing down towers of might and safety. What was bound is now unbound in a swell of vapours and crystallized blades. While you look upon … Continue reading Vapours of the mind

The bridge of utterance

A pattern has surreptitiously emerged out of these auguries, I have just noticed, and it is that they tend to come out once the week has already begun. I mostly wait for the inclination/inspiration to do them. This week's augury is a bit later than the previous ones, but nonetheless, the week is just beginning, … Continue reading The bridge of utterance

Wading through moonlit landscapes

October 16-22. This week's augury brings a heady mix into play. At the center of this interplay are the three coins spinning in harmony, as well as fortitude, or strength, showing prowess and might standing above the beast, just as the lady upholds the moon above the serpent-like cords in her other hand. How do … Continue reading Wading through moonlit landscapes

The augury of fire

After a brief hiatus last weekend, I was in the middle of moving, I am back with this week's augury. As I was shuffling my playing cards, my mind drifted towards the Tabula Mundi deck by MM Meleen, which I have unfortunately rarely used. I decided to take it out and keep it near to … Continue reading The augury of fire

A cheeky Augury

September 25- October 1st. It seems that going with the current and flux of things is favorable on my end, I realize as I sit down to write this week's augury. A lit candle guided the shuffling as I thought about all the potentialities this week might hold for me, for you (whomever stumbles upon … Continue reading A cheeky Augury