A fortuneteller’s day

Yesterday was my birthday, tomorrow is St. Valentine's (feast)day, and today is St. Agabus's feast day. As a cartomancer this is fitting, as he is the Saint of diviners and fortunetellers. For those who seek to pierce the veil between what is known and unknown, those who dare the future by playing in the present, … Continue reading A fortuneteller’s day

Enchantment for pleasure this new year

A new year looms near and as is customary one looks back, evaluates decisions, experiences, hardships, and accomplishments, while making plans for the upcoming year. This time I wanted to look at myself and where I stand with pleasure, and what brings me joy. Oftentimes I get so involved in all the immediate happenings going … Continue reading Enchantment for pleasure this new year

A conversation ’round a kitchen table while playing cards

I have recently made the jump to open up a small shop for card readings, over on Etsy. This was around a month ago. Making this jump has inevitably got me thinking about my narrative as a card reader, what defines me and what shapes me as a cartomancer? These questions led to much thought … Continue reading A conversation ’round a kitchen table while playing cards

A Smudging of Articles and a Ghost Poem

It's Halloween and instead of talking about the ghosts running around in my head, and around my house. I want to share a few articles that explore the topics of the dead, ancestors, devotion, and also a poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Honoring the Ancestors of the Dead. A beautiful and poignant essay on the … Continue reading A Smudging of Articles and a Ghost Poem

Death/Life Ritual and Vampires

The last week of October is upon us. As previously mentioned, this month I broke custom in favor of using Robert Place's Vampire tarot deck. I put my Marseilles decks away. Fitting as this month is traditionally about shadows, entering the darker months, communing with or honoring the ancestors, the dead. There are a couple … Continue reading Death/Life Ritual and Vampires

Tarot and Timing Spellwork

This is a great post with excellent ideas, correspondences and an excellent source of information for spell work.

Jack Chanek

The idea of using Tarot in magic(k) is not exactly new. The Aeclectic Tarot Forum has a whole constellation of discussions on this topic, and Kelly-Ann Maddox at the Four Queens did a video on it not too long ago. Here, I want to take a bit of a different tack and talk about how Tarot can be used to help schedule spellwork and ritual.

I personally don’t practice magick,* but I love the theory of it. Every now and then, when I have free time, I’ll wander around the internet and look at different ways of classifying magick, or different theories as to its practice. I’m a nerd at heart.

And one of the big ideas that floats around most magickal practices is the importance of timing. Some people work with the changing of the seasons. Many (and most Wiccans in particular) use the phases of the moon…

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