“Decolonizing Puerto Rico, Caribbean Spiritualism, and the Tarot”

A couple weeks back I was interviewed by the Greg Carlwood of The Higherside Chats. This has been an enlightening and freeing experience for me as I had never been interviewed before. We chatted about spiritism, Puerto Rico, and a little about the cards. If you've ever wondered what kind of magical doings I get … Continue reading “Decolonizing Puerto Rico, Caribbean Spiritualism, and the Tarot”

The politics of unnamed desires

In this one I'm going to get personal, and political. On Monday July 22nd, on the feast day of Mary Magdelene, the masses of Puerto Rico arose in a unified cry of defiance against the current governor Ricardo Rosselló. Around half a million people congealed to dethrone the governor for the level of blatant corruption and … Continue reading The politics of unnamed desires

Healing is a rivulet

This post starts with the cards, where I went seeking to understand healing. As I had mentioned previously, I spent most of February sick, to my great disappointment since I love the month of February. All those weeks were filled with wallowing in bad health, unsure of what was really going on, deep in depression, … Continue reading Healing is a rivulet

From the devil to the star

I've been sick for most of the month of February, putting things into perspective for me. With being sick and reluctant to do many things as I'm pulled down by what my body is combating, I've kept coming back to a trio of cards that have been on my mind for months. The Devil, The … Continue reading From the devil to the star

A miscellany

In keeping with my previous post and the themes somewhat explored therein, this is a list of links to articles and ideas that coalesce in the same stream of thoughts. Last year around this time I also created a list, in keeping with cycles I am doing the same this year but instead of hauntings … Continue reading A miscellany

Ensouled movements

I have been eternally preoccupied with landscape and one's relationship with the lay of the land ever since I first encountered Oedipa Maas in her tower on Kinneret-Upon-the-Pines. From this preoccupation grew a tree of ideas of self in place, and as a consequence, of awareness and seeing in relation to space (how I see … Continue reading Ensouled movements

Enlivening the Landscape

I stake my belief fully in a landscape alive, conscious, and present. One could term this animism, if a word is needed. As I look around me, in this familiar and unfamiliar place, I let myself immersive my self into the landscape. Feeling the movement of the breeze, the glare of the sun beaming down … Continue reading Enlivening the Landscape