An Enchanted Landscape through The Immaterial Book

Around February of this year, Rubedo Press released a book by Jose Leitao, compiled and translated by him. I jumped at the chance to purchase the book as I highly admire his writing, his narrative is both accessible and rich. I find his scholarly take on the subject of Saint Cyprian, and especially on The … More An Enchanted Landscape through The Immaterial Book

A question of agency

I rarely, if ever, get entangled in sharing my thoughts about the goings-on of the world around us, especially the political-cultural upheavals, swells, and movements. This is not out of lack of caring or disinterest, it is instead out of my feeling of impotency. Because of this, I frequently find myself thinking about the concept … More A question of agency

Unreal reality

There is a new translation of a compendium of lectures by Julio Cortázar, article here. A great article by the way, which highlights his work and this recently published volume. I mention this because if you peek around this site a little you will find a little story about why I chose La Maga Tarot for … More Unreal reality