A question of agency

I rarely, if ever, get entangled in sharing my thoughts about the goings-on of the world around us, especially the political-cultural upheavals, swells, and movements. This is not out of lack of caring or disinterest, it is instead out of my feeling of impotency. Because of this, I frequently find myself thinking about the concept … More A question of agency

Unreal reality

There is a new translation of a compendium of lectures by Julio Cortázar, article here. A great article by the way, which highlights his work and this recently published volume. I mention this because if you peek around this site a little you will find a little story about why I chose La Maga Tarot for … More Unreal reality

A conversation ’round a kitchen table while playing cards

I have recently made the jump to open up a small shop for card readings, over on Etsy. This was around a month ago. Making this jump has inevitably got me thinking about my narrative as a card reader, what defines me and what shapes me as a cartomancer? These questions led to much thought … More A conversation ’round a kitchen table while playing cards

The story

I want to talk about the story, the stories we tell ourselves, that we construct, those we love hearing, and the stories we create when we read the cards. This is not a new idea, many have mentioned the wonder of storytelling to be had with the cards. Reading tarot is a way for us … More The story