Cards: 5 of Coins

We arrive at this juncture in the middle, the 5 of coins. A solitary coin encased within flowering leaves and two open buds above and below. The heart, the center, the core. There is an emphasis here in the center, the excluded, as the four coins around it are balanced and stable. A seed perhaps, … More Cards: 5 of Coins

The Yes and the No

I read yes/no questions, because it’s interesting to see how they play out in real life. The way I see it, nothing is fixed and as we move about our lives we are constantly making decisions and changing the realms of possibilities for ourselves. Outside of dual paradigms, change is inescapable. Hence, reading the cards … More The Yes and the No

Cards: 4 of Coins

With the beginning of May we arrive at the house, the table, the 4 walls of the 4 of coins. I associate the fours in general with all things square, stable and sturdy. In this case, it being the 4 of coins, the suit of money, means, and ends, I think about banks, business ventures … More Cards: 4 of Coins

The Strength of Ògún

This is inspired in many ways by Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold’s “Ifá: A Forest of Mystery,” the stories of Loki in “Myths of the Norsemen” by H.A. Grueber, and particularly in Frisvold’s interview with Gordon White on his podcast, Runesoup. It all began as I looked at the sly expression on the page of swords … More The Strength of Ògún

Cards: 10 of Cups

I recently had family visiting, hence my writing absence. The visit was welcome and expected but nonetheless exhausting, fitting as I am going to be closing the suit of cups with this post. The 10 of cups is unequivocally a card that denotes plenty, enough, or a lot. When I look at all those cups, … More Cards: 10 of Cups

Cards: 9 of Cups

It is a general consensus that the 9 of cups is a really good card to see in a reading. In cartomancy it is the card of receiving/finding/getting your heart’s desire. Traveling through the suit of cups, one sees an obvious increase in the amount of cups and a decrease in their size. Expansion and … More Cards: 9 of Cups

A small gift

As I mentioned in my previous post, I love writing. A few months back I had an idea to create a little story around the suit of swords, a magical journey if you will. Well, it turns out that I have recently finished writing and putting together this little booklet of mine and I would … More A small gift