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Here is a brief unscripted video talking about the reading options I offer:

  • Important: after purchasing the reading, please send me an email at mistandaether(at)gmail(dot)com with your full name and email as it appears in PayPal along with your question for the reading. Or you can just visit the Contact Me page and add the question along with your full name and email as it appears in PayPal.
  • Please remember to read my Ethics & Guidelines so that we enter the tarot reading on the same footing.
  • For an overview of Crossed Cartomancy, please refer to my two articles going over my approach to the method, Crossed Cartomancy I & II.


“Very fast, canny insight, very responsive. Planning to come back again!”” –Eriol

A handful of cards

A tarot reading with a handful of cards, concise and to the point. Perfect for yes and no questions with context. This is what some would call a “short and sweet” reading, 3-4 cards to answer your burning questions. ~around 400 words with a full color photo of the card spread or a video of the reading ranging between 7-9 minutes.



The Tableau- Square of 9

A tableau of 9 cards, detailed and in depth. This is for questions that seek profound answers, those that want to plumb for the hidden and/or unseen gems. With this spread I will look at the hows, the whys, and the details in between your question. ~around 850 words with 2-3 full color images of the spread or a video of the reading ranging between 12-16 minutes.



Tarot of the Holy Light Christine Payne Towler

Year Ahead reading

A full year ahead reading to help you gauge possibilities for this upcoming new year. A question or focus area is not necessary, but always welcome, as it can help highlight topics and areas of particular interest. This reading will arrive in your inbox in PDF format, with full color pictures of the spread and the cards. It will be about 4-5 pages total, with the reading more than 1000 words in length. *The year ahead reading will be available for a limited time.



“A reading from Natalia provides clarity: I’ve consulted her about relationships, work, magic, and raising children, and in each case, the message I received illuminated my path forward. Her readings are tough yet kind, never flinching from what the cards say but meant to help the client grow. Her knowledge of the symbols and images in the cards brings them to life, and the experience is like wandering a thrilling countryside with an expert guide. I cannot recommend her enough.”Brian Wilkins

La lectura llegó rápido. Natalia es un encanto y sus tiradas son claras, directas y detalladas. Lo recomiendo. –Lolo Lala

† I welcome any and all feedback for my readings, please visit my contact me page or just email me directly at mistandaether(at)gmail(dot)com.

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