Unreal reality

There is a new translation of a compendium of lectures by Julio Cortázar, article here. A great article by the way, which highlights his work and this recently published volume. I mention this because if you peek around this site a little you will find a little story about why I chose La Maga Tarot for … More Unreal reality

The Strength of Ògún

This is inspired in many ways by Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold’s “Ifá: A Forest of Mystery,” the stories of Loki in “Myths of the Norsemen” by H.A. Grueber, and particularly in Frisvold’s interview with Gordon White on his podcast, Runesoup. It all began as I looked at the sly expression on the page of swords … More The Strength of Ògún

Cards: 10 of Cups

I recently had family visiting, hence my writing absence. The visit was welcome and expected but nonetheless exhausting, fitting as I am going to be closing the suit of cups with this post. The 10 of cups is unequivocally a card that denotes plenty, enough, or a lot. When I look at all those cups, … More Cards: 10 of Cups