The Saints and finding my myths

As this is also a space for my personal explorations, this post will be somewhat intimate.I was raised in a psychologically and spiritually restrictive environment. Even though I was endlessly curious and loved to read, my musings and mental aerobics could only go as far as my spiritual upbringing allowed. It took years and distance … Continue reading The Saints and finding my myths

A Smudging of Articles and a Ghost Poem

It's Halloween and instead of talking about the ghosts running around in my head, and around my house. I want to share a few articles that explore the topics of the dead, ancestors, devotion, and also a poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Honoring the Ancestors of the Dead. A beautiful and poignant essay on the … Continue reading A Smudging of Articles and a Ghost Poem

Cards: Ace of Swords

Starting with an idea, a force of will, bringing that into fruition. The intent is potent, fresh and, dare I say, paired with le jugement, righteous. Called into movement by the hand that holds the flaming sword and the sounding of the trumpet wakes anyone from stasis. What if we switch this around, would this … Continue reading Cards: Ace of Swords

Tarot and the literary journey

I have recently received Camelia Elias's book on the Marseille Tarot, Towards the Art of Reading, and am finding myself mentally, spiritually and emotionally invigorated and engaged with the cards. For a while now I have been grasping at the images in the cards and making meaning as I go along. The approach she propounds … Continue reading Tarot and the literary journey