Cards: 2 of Swords

A meeting of opposition, expansion from the one to the two. Alone it could indicate a truce, a coming together of binaries. It could also indicate a meeting of opposing ideas, a decision. This calls to mind the traditional Waite-Smith image of the two of swords, the blindfolded woman holding two swords in opposition, sitting … Continue reading Cards: 2 of Swords


So many things have been going on recently that I haven't done much dailies. Today I decided to rectify that. I asked the cards to tell me what is currently going on. As always, their response was direct. There is a transition culminating, from thought to action. With the valet de deniers pondering decisively upon … Continue reading Dailies

Cards: Ace of Swords

Starting with an idea, a force of will, bringing that into fruition. The intent is potent, fresh and, dare I say, paired with le jugement, righteous. Called into movement by the hand that holds the flaming sword and the sounding of the trumpet wakes anyone from stasis. What if we switch this around, would this … Continue reading Cards: Ace of Swords