Basking in sweet waters

Looking back, April was a month of action and movement, a month of beginnings being put into play. Ideas erupted into the forefront, each fighting for attention and implementation. In contrast, this month of May foretells to be one of healing and connection, with an especial Taurean† flavor. This might sound frilly but the abundance … Continue reading Basking in sweet waters

Animating the Tarot Pips: An Introduction

This is a series born out of a book idea. Instead of going the book route, I will share most of what I had in mind here in pieces or parts. This is the introduction, as such, I'd like to keep it brief but with enough context to wet interest. Firstly, the intention for this … Continue reading Animating the Tarot Pips: An Introduction

Aiming for the heart

I've been using the Centennial Smith-Waite Tarot of late, keeping it next to me on my night table and going deeper in my connection with the deck. Thus I will be using the deck for this month's augury. This month simmers with questions of authority and power. Swinging spears and coming up against what remains … Continue reading Aiming for the heart

A wreath above my head

This is the long overdue cartomantic forecast or augury for January. Given that I am slinging the cards and writing this mid-January, the augury looks at the second part of the month. This one will be brief. January holds a wreath over our heads, sending us into a state of somnolence. What we've achieved as … Continue reading A wreath above my head

Spreads, spreads, and more spreads

I now offer tarot readings here on my website, and if you have ventured to the tab that lists my offerings and wondered what all of it means, this post is meant to get to the details of what it all means. This is a clarification of what exactly it is that I offer. The … Continue reading Spreads, spreads, and more spreads