A wreath above my head

This is the long overdue cartomantic forecast or augury for January. Given that I am slinging the cards and writing this mid-January, the augury looks at the second part of the month. This one will be brief. January holds a wreath over our heads, sending us into a state of somnolence. What we've achieved as … Continue reading A wreath above my head

Vapours of the mind

The realm of dreams and mists unleash their airy fumes, our minds uncorked and pouring outward the waters of destruction. These waters blow in a torrential downpour of cosmic strength, tearing down towers of might and safety. What was bound is now unbound in a swell of vapours and crystallized blades. While you look upon … Continue reading Vapours of the mind

Dailies, new decks and other musings

Hello, I have been quite sick recently, haven't been ale to shake off whatever is plaguing my sinuses and my throat. I haven't done much tarot reading nor any other kind of -mancy, but I have been doing a lot of thinking. I decided to stop by here and share a couple thoughts that have … Continue reading Dailies, new decks and other musings

An update and the Lenormand

Things have been a bit hectic around here these days, especially with the baby. I haven't had time to really sit down and order my thoughts and share my daily draws and spreads. I have been intermittently playing around with the Lenormand. As a literature scholar, or so I consider myself, and theory enthusiast, I … Continue reading An update and the Lenormand