The fountain of joy

After a couple months of settling in, getting into the rhythm of life in my new home, I find myself in a place of constant rediscovery. Seeing what I once disliked in a new light, and with new eyes. As I go about my daily life of re-learning and attending to what is present with … Continue reading The fountain of joy

Tarot Tradition

I began the week by sitting down on Monday to shuffle the cards and see the week ahead. After doing that and looking down at what came up, I decided that I didn't want to divine for the week ahead, week by week, instead I want to try it month to month. Hence, I didn't … Continue reading Tarot Tradition

Wading through moonlit landscapes

October 16-22. This week's augury brings a heady mix into play. At the center of this interplay are the three coins spinning in harmony, as well as fortitude, or strength, showing prowess and might standing above the beast, just as the lady upholds the moon above the serpent-like cords in her other hand. How do … Continue reading Wading through moonlit landscapes